Aesthetics in the medical world has been dramatically changing over the past years with a constantly increasing recognition, among both feminine and masculine audience, revolutionizing the understanding of beauty in todays’ society. Permanent and rapid evolution of aesthetic medicine requires to recurrently update both theoretical and practical competences, hence the necessary reevaluation and deepening of any currently available medical trainings.

This is the reason why Cible Paris was created: top ranked training classes, a unique know-how, tailor-made for doctors willing to perfect and master every techniques of aesthetic medicine.

Dr. Aknin, Director of Cible School, and the group of doctors he teamed up, developed together with internationally known surgeons and research groups (USA, Brazil, China), a unique training program resulting from an in-depth analysis and studies of professional training and on-going formation in the aesthetic medicine discipline.

Cible School bases its methodology upon 4 key concepts:

The training team’s savoir-faire, as international pioneers and recognized leaders of the profession.

A tailor made ‘modules’ approach including theory, adapted to the doctors’ needs, and the practical application of innovative techniques shaping up the quality and the reputation of your future skills and savoir-faire.

Selection and knowledge of the best products by our team of experts, key point to building up a top quality and trustworthy relationship with your patients.

The Cible Alumni network, a unique platform to share and communicate between professionals.

cible formation 3
les zones clés du visage

The Training Team

Dr. Aknin, director of the School, managed to build up a unique team, thanks both to their respective past experiences and specializations. Chosen among top rank international specialists, Cible’s training team of doctors are all benefitting of over 20 years of experience in aesthetic medicine. Notoriously recognized in the industry as trend leaders, they are regularly asked to participate to international congresses and regularly provide some trainings for the biggest pharmaceutical laboratories.

Their experience, gathered in a same training team, provide Cible School with a unique and differentiated know-how in aesthetic medicine practice, allowing at the same time the perpetuation of an ethic code, key to French medicine tradition.

cible formation 3

Dr. Joël Aknin

Plastic surgeon for over 20 years and pioneer of the hyaluronic acid, Dr. Aknin studied and trained across the world, from France to Brazil or the US. Official representative for several pharmaceutical laboratories, he built a worldwide reputation and regularly trains specialized doctors and surgeons to share his experience and savoir-faire in aesthetic medicine.


Years of experience around the world provided the Cible doctor training team with a proper and unique methodology, dividing all the different aesthetic medical acts into adapted and pertinent modules. Our long-lasting team experience proved that the smart combination of extensive theoretical knowledge with a personal “hand to hand” practical training provided our trainee doctors with the complete mastering of every aesthetic medical practices.

N.B: Cible Paris is a French State recognized school, and is officially delivering recognized training certificates.


Treatment of simple and complex wrinkles and nasolabial folds


Volume, Part 1: The mid-third, cheeks, oval and temples


Volume, Part 2: The profile-plasty: forehead, nose, lips and chin


Labial and peri-labial region (L-PLR)


Forehead region, eyebrows, eyelids and temples (FEET)
Traitement du tiers supérieur du visage


Full Face (FF) and Combined Treatments (CT)
Les zones clés du visage : Un rajeunissement optimal


Mesotherapy, mesolift & skin hydration


Superficial and medium skin peelings


Absorbable thread-lifts


Botulinum toxin: techniques and mastering
Toxine Experts

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